Mia Beth Sciandra grew-up in South Florida. She came to South Carolina in '93 and graduated from Clemson University in '96. She has two older sisters: 

Tara - Mia's Matron of Honour; Lani - a Bridesmaid; and a younger brother, Dana - Mia's escort down the aisle. She also has two half-sisters in Michigan.


James Brian Huffman was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, but his family moved to Greenville in '78.  James attended the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg and is the only son of John and Jackie Huffman.  Both James and Mia currently work for Charter Communications.


The bride and groom met four years ago on February 22 of '99 at State Communications.   This was James' first day with the young company while Mia had started one week earlier.  On the same date in 2003, they will meet at the alter at John Knox Presbyterian Church. 


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